This is my first blog, and it will deal with one of my greatest sources of interest and fascination – dogs! I hope to offer money-saving tips, helpful information, and anything and everything else dog-related that I think is worth sharing with the world.

I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember, and like many kids, I wanted one from an early age. At age 4, I started begging. I was one of those fortunate kids whose mom was a total sucker, and who had no idea about how much effort it really takes to have a dog. I was able to convince her that “I would feed it and take care of it and do absolutely everything so PLEASE can I have one!?” When I was 7 years old, she said yes, and we brought home our brand new puppy, but of course, things didn’t quite turn out the way I had promised her! Still, my mom thankfully took over the responsibilities I ignored, until I was old enough to hold up my end of the bargain a few years later. We had our sweet liver-and-white English Springer Spaniel, Milly, for 13 wonderful years. She was my best friend, my playmate, the best listener I knew, and my source of comfort when bad things happened. Even when everything else was going crazy, she was always there, always the same, and always her wonderful self. We all grew to love her more that we ever imagined we could, and my mom even started calling her “My third kid.” We lost her almost 5 years ago to cancer. I still miss her everyday.

Now, at 24, I have two great little “tweenie” Dachshund girls. Maddie, my smooth black-and-tan, is 3, and Gracie, who just turned 2, is a solid chocolate longhair. They are both around 14 lbs, and both very affectionate. Gracie is fun and goofy, and loves to chase tennis balls, play in her pool, and cuddle with her “Duckie.” Maddie is calm and sweet, and her favorite activities include playing at the beach, burrowing in blankets, and play-wrestling with Gracie.

My love of and interest in dogs is always growing, and I hope to express that love and interest in this blog! Thank you for reading!


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